Lecture Demonstration Session Daily At 8.30  a.m..

At  VIDYA BHARATHI, 55, Bheemasena Garden Road,

Mylapore, Chennai – 4.  Phone : 2499 7269 / 2499 1248.

16-12-2019 ( Monday )

8.30 a.m.         Lect Demo.  Carna-Matics  (Carnatic Music and Maths) by S. SAKETHARAMAN,   K. ARUN  PRAKASH and K.V.GOPALAKRISHNAN   

17-12-2019 ( Tuesday )

8.30 a.m.      Lect. Demo :Context and relevance of  “Group Krithis” in Carnatic Music with Special Reference to Muthuswami Dikshitar and Thyagaraja  by MAMBALAM  SISTERS,   Dr. ARAVIND T.R

18-12-2019 ( Wednesday )

8.30 a.m.     Lect. Demo : History ,Practise and Evolution of the “Thillana” by  K. BHARAT SUNDAR  and  RITHVIK RAJA with Students of Dr. Sudha Raja,  L. Ramakrishnan and Sumesh Narayanan

19-12-2019 ( Thursday )

8.30 a.m.     Lect. Demo : PAdalgaLum  Athbh’uthamum  ( Compositions with incidents of Miracle  and  anecdotes)  by  Neyveli  R. SANTHANAGOPALAN

20-12-2019 ( Friday)

8.30 a.m.     Lect. Demo.  The Art of Creating Symmetric patterns (poruthams) to enhance the beauty of a composition By  LALGUDI VIJAYALAKSHMI . Supported by Akshay  Padhmanabhan and Kishore Ramesh

21-12-2019 ( Saturday )

8.30 a.m.     Lect. Demo : Trends in Carnatic Music – Vocal and Instrumental  by S. SHASHANK,  ANIL SRINIVASAN,  V.V.S. MURARI  and  Dr. PALGHAT  RAMPRASAD

22-12-2019 ( Sunday )

8.30 a.m.     Lect. Demo.  Shatsruti’- the concept and aesthetic of Shatsruti Ragas  by  Dr.  SRIRAM PARASURAM

23-12-2019 ( Monday )

8.30 a.m.     Bhajanamrutham – Oothukadu Venkatakavi’s  songs for Harikatha and importance  of Bhajana   A musical discourse by  Chitravina  N. RAVIKIRAN

24-12-2019 ( Tuesday )

8.30 a.m.     Lect. Demo.  Panel Discussion on Teaching and learning Carnatic Music in the 21st Century–  Dr. RADHA BHASKAR, Dr. SRIRAM PARASURAM, Dr. RAJSHRI RAMAKRISHNA,  KIRANAVALI  VIDYASHANKAR

25-12-2019 ( Wednesday)

8.30 a.m.    Lect. Demo. Compositions of other Vaggeyakaras set to music by Dr. Manganampalli   Balamuralikrishna by Prince  RAMA VARMA

26-12-2019 ( Thursday )

8.30 a.m.    Lect. Demo. Splendours  of  FIVE in the Percussion Music of Carnatic Tradition” By Dr.  TRICHY SANKARAN 

27-12-2019 ( Friday ) 8.30 a.m.       Lect. Demo. Tamizh  Tradition from Sangam Literature to Present  and its Impact to Carnatic Music  by  Prof. Dr. S. RAGHURAMAN and  SIKKIL GURUCHARAN

28-12-2019 ( Saturday )

8.30 a.m.     “Thiruppavai Paamalai”-  Katha Kutcheri –  by  Madurai T.N. SESHAGOPALAN –  V.V. Ravi – Dr. T.K. Murthy – B. Sivaraman

29-12-2019 ( Sunday )

8.30 a.m.     Lect. Demo. Dr. Sripada Pinakapani’s contribution to Carnatic  Music by MALLADI  BROTHERS  Sriramprasad and Ravikumar 

30-12-2019 ( Monday )

8.30 a.m.    Lect. Demo. Singer’s Voice Disorders – Scientific and Musical Approach for Care by Dr. SHYAMALA VINOD,  P. UNNIKRISHNAN  and Kunnakudi M. BALAMURALIKRISHNA

31-1-2019 ( Tuesday )

8.30 a.m.    Lect. Demo. Transition from a Student to a Performer – Open House with SUDHA RAGUNATHAN  Featuring Vidya Kalyanaraman, Vasuda Ravi, Vishnudev Namboothiri and V. Deepika

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