Virtual Global Talent Test.
Over 120 Talents participating Globally

We thank all the gurus, parents and all the participants for their support for Yuva Sangeet Utsav 2021. We have had overwhelming response from all over the world for both Vocal and Instrumental category with 300 and more entries. Earlier circulars were sent inviting participants to register their participation by sending an Audio/Video recording of a Kriti with Ragam, Niraval, Swaram not exceeding 20 minutes. Many participants have done very well as mentioned by the judges in their comments. It became a very tough process in selecting the candidates to participate in the festival.

Apart from vocal rare instruments like Navtar, is introduced, apart from Traditional Veena, Violin. The virtual festival, long event featuring talents from different parts of the world will be to almost for 60 days which will be Inaugurated on 14th August 2021. Smt. Aruna Sairam has consented to inaugurate the festival. The enthusiasm of participants shows Carnatic music very much safe in the hands of youth world wide and will continue to be more popular in the future.

This year being the 120th year of our Sabha, we feel it will be more appropriate to encourage genuine talents. We always felt to stand committed to propagation, preservation and perpetuation of our Indian Classical fine arts by identifying and encouraging more and more young talents to sustain our cultural tradition ever.

The festival will commence on August 14th with Inaugural concerts by Kum.Spoorthi Rao and Vid. Kruthi Bhat. Iswarya and Soundarya will be performing on Sunday 15th Aug. independence day. We shall soon share the details of the subsequent concerts.

Based on merit, some talent from previous year’s Festival have also been included, to have continued support, which will help them to go to next level in their musical career.

As one of the oldest and pioneer Institution we are continuously doing programmes virtually now, and no other institution is active during this period of time. Annual Pallavi Festival is over and we had good response.

Yuva Sangeet Festival will be available in our Partha Sabha FaceBook and Youtube channels.

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